Pink Fox

My Coaching Philosophy

I have an “honesty above all else” approach to coaching that couples my commitment to helping my clients achieve their fitness goals.

I coach with the same methodology as I train, “You have to put in what you wish to get out, there are no short cuts and no miracle pills, whatever fitness journey you choose it needs to be sustainable and it needs to be enjoyable as you want it to become a part of your life for the rest of your life.”

I thrive on the challenge that each new client presents and I am relentless in my commitment to making a difference in their lives.

CrossFit Pink Fox Nutrition and Training Philosophy

Nutrition and exercise go hand in hand.  You can’t invest all your time training like a beast and not putting wholesome, quality food into your body.

Nutrition needs to meet the demands of your training programme for you to see the best results, not just in weight loss but in performance too.  Shifting the focusing from weight loss to performance by default creates the most amazing results in body shape and conditioning.

Starvation and calorie restricted diets are a sure way of setting yourself up for failure.   Seriously, who in their right mind wants to be hungry all the time and eat food they don’t like!

At CrossFit Pink Fox you will get:DSC_3068


  • advice on nutrition (realistic advice that is tailored to suit your lifestyle),
  • regular goal setting, and
  • body measurements,
  • constant tracking of your progress,
  • sauna.

My aim is to keep you motivated and inspired to become a stronger, leaner and healthier YOU!

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